20 Jul 2012

What Are Nouns?

The easy way to remember nouns is that they refer to a person, place or thing. Even intangible or abstract concepts like ideas or thoughts are things.

  •  A mother 
  • North America 
  • The table 
  • A plan 
  • A wish 
The use of nouns is fairly obvious; it’s difficult to make an actual mistake with a noun. Errors usually involve the words around the noun, or perhaps a singular/plural mistake.

 Most nouns which refer to people are gender neutral (teacher, doctor, lawyer) but a few are gender specific (actor/actress, waiter/waitress). Modern English has adjusted to accommodate gender; a fireman is male, a firewoman is female, and a firefighter is gender neutral.

6 Jul 2012

Formula V and T: UPSR Sentence Construction Techniques

Contoh Karangan Bahasa Inggeris Mudah

Contoh Karangan Bahasa Inggeris Mudah

English UPSR - Writing Techniques

Section A - Question 1

1. The sun is rising and shines brightly.
2. The children are playing the hoops happily.
3. There are two women sitting on the bench and they are talking to each other.
4. The boy, who is wearing jersey number ten, is running after the ball in the park.
5. A man is riding his bicycle and he is waving to the women.

Simple sentences:
1. The boys are playing football at the field.
2. There are two ladies sitting on the bench under the tree.
3. Two girls are playing happily near the flower bush.
4. The sun shines brightly.
5. The boy is cycling his bicycle.

1. The pupils are in the laboratory to carry out an experiment.
2. The pupils are learning a new Science experiment and they are referring to their textbooks.
3. The teacher is explaining the steps and the pupils are listening to him attentively.
4. The bunsen burner is on the table and there is a glass beaker on it.
5. The teacher is standing in front of the pupils while the pupils are sitting on the stools.

Simple sentences:

1. The pupils are in the Science laboratory.
2. The teacher is teaching the pupils.
3. The pupils listen to the teacher.
4. There is a bunsen burner on the table.
5. The pupils are sitting on the stools.

Section B - Question 2


Give reasons:
Aluminum tin : light and easy to put in the bag , easy to open , recycle , make a pencil holder
300ml. : enough for me
RM1.30 : reasonable, affordable, have enough money in my purse/wallet to buy two tins.
Fresh orange and sugar : refreshing drink,
Favourite flavour , orange contains vitamin C – good for health

Sample answer:
I would choose orange juice because it is my favourite drink. It contains vitamin C so, it is good for health. It is a nutritious and refreshing drink. It could quench my thirst. The price is RM1.30 which is reasonable and affordable. I have enough money to buy it. It is packed in aluminium tin which is light and easy to take to picnics or schools. It is very easy to open and it could be recycled.


Give reasons:
Cost: RM90.00, reasonable and I don't mind spending it for a great experience.
My father would not mind paying it since I'm the apple of his eyes.
Activities - interesting, challenging and exciting.
- love singing - take part in the competition.
Accommodation: tent
never stay in a tent - great and wonderful experience

Sample answer:
I would choose camping because I love outdoor activity. The cost is RM90.00. It is reasonable and I don't mind spending it for a great experience. Besides, my father would not mind paying it since I'm the apple of his eyes. The activities are campfire and singing competition. They are interesting, challenging and exciting. I love singing ,so I could take part in the competition. I have never stay in a tent so, it would be a great and wonderful experience for me.

ENGLISH PAPER 2 - SECTION B 2(b)- how to write your reasons -samples

UPSR: English Paper 2: Section B – Question 2 (b


 1.   Place / Venue/ Location

 I can go there easily.
 It is near my house.
 I can go there at anytime.
 It is a nice / beautiful place.

 2.   Society

 It is very enjoyable.
 It is very useful and has a lot of benefits.
 I can gain more knowledge.
 I can improve my vocabulary.
 I can widen my knowledge.
 I shall be more confident of myself.
 I can get a lot of new friends.
 I can do something beneficial during my free time.
 I shall be able to know more about new things.
 It gives me a pleasant feeling.
 It teaches me to independent / confident.
 My parents always encourage me.

 3.  Price / Fee / Fare / Rent

 It is reasonable and affordable.
 I can save my money for other expenses.
 It is a reasonable price and I think I can afford it.
 It is also worth buying.
 The price is low and reasonable.
 I can afford to pay for it / buy it.
 It is cheaper than the others.

 4.  Free gift / Discount / Offer / Souvenir

 It is attractive offer.
 I can save my pocket money.
 I do not have to buy it anymore.
 I don’t have to spend more.

 5.  Food / Drinks / Menu / Dishes / Meal

 It is delicious and appetizing.
 It is nutritious, tasty and appetizing.
 It is my favourite food / drinks.
 It is good for my health.

 6.  Transport

 It is comfortable / convenient.
 I can relax myself during a journey.
 It is an economical way of travelling.
 It is suitable for a long journey.
 It is fast and I won’t feel bored.
 I can enjoy watching the beautiful scenery along     the journey.

 7.  Facility

 I can enjoy them.
 I can use them.

 It is comfortable and convenient.

 8.  Date / Time / Duration

 I am free at that time.
 It takes a shorter / longer time to finish it.
 I would not feel bored.
 The time is enough for me to spend it there.

 9.  Colour / Fashion / Pattern /  Design

 It is beautiful / attractive / eye-catching.
 It is my favourite colour / design.
 It suits me.
 It is the latest fashion / pattern / design.

 10.  Occupation

 I can earn money for living.
 It teaches me to be responsible / independent.
 I will commit to my job.
 I can support my family / parents.

 11.  Pen-pal

 We can exchange ideas.
 We can share the same hobby / ideas / interest.
 I can learn many new things from her / him.
 I shall be able to know more about his / her country.
 I have a chance to visit him / her country one day.

 12.  Pets

 It is cute.
 It is easy to look after / to take care / to manage.
 It is easy to feed.
 I can play with it.
 It can be a great company to me.
 It can help to look after the house.

13.  Material

It is cool and comfortable.
 It is long-lasting.
 It is worth it to buy.
 I can wear it for a long time.

 14.  Finally / Lastly

 I am sure I have made the best choice.
 Definitely, my choice is right.
 I hope my father / mother / brother / sister will like  my choice and appreciate it.