3 Jul 2012

Why SHOULD YOU learn English?

Good question. I believe everyone should learn the English language for the following reasons.


English is the most widely spoken language in the world based on the distribution of native speakers.

Communication, Friends
  • In many countries, English is widely used, particularly among people who have no other language in common, even though English is not the main language of the country. For example, English is widely used in Hong Kong, Singapore, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Malaysia. In these countries, it is often used as a means of communication between people who use different dialects of their native languages.
  • Now online communities like My Space, YouTube, etc., offer people a way to make friends around the world and practice speaking English.
News, Information
  • English is the main language of news and information in the world.
  • English is the language used in business and government even in countries where it is not the main language.
Business, Government, International Relations
  • English is the main language of international business, diplomacy, and science.
  • Popular culture has played an important part in spreading English.
  • American and British popular music are heard all over the world.
  • American movies are seen in almost every country.
  • Books in English are available even in countries where few people actually use English.
  • It is used for books, music and dance.
  • One reason that students give for learning English is to understand these songs, movies and books.
  • English is spoken in large hotels and tourist attractions, at airports, and in shops that tourists frequent.
  • Tours are almost always available in English. Even in countries where few people speak English on the street, people who work with tourists generally speak English. In some countries even drivers of buses or streetcars and sellers at newsstands speak English well.

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